Instructors & Students Open Seminar in Germany

On the weekend of March 4-5 2023 an open seminar was held in Stolberg, Germany with an attendance of over 50 people. Both seminars were given by EUHGA Technical Director, Master Chulkyung Lee. The events brought together Masters, Instructors, and students from Germany, Netherlands, and Spain. During the first day, Master Lee taught basic movements, […]

Swiss Open Championship 2022

On November 19th, 2022 the annual Swiss Championship was held in Meggen, Switzerland. The championship was open to all EUHGA members and brought to Meggen participants and Masters from different countries. The event also included a seminar led by Technical Director, Master Chul Kyung Lee. Thank you all the organization, Masters and Instructors for making […]

2022 European Masters & Instructors Seminar

After 4 years, we finally had the opportunity to organise the 2022 European Masters & Instructors in Switzerland. It was a great turnout, everyone trained with passion and respect and we created new memories. Thank you to all the National Leaders and most of all to all the participants. Thank you to the Swiss Haidong […]

Master Harry Limer appointed as UK’s Headmaster

On September 9th, 2022 Master Harry Limer was appointed as the Headmaster (Chong-Kwanjang Nim) of the United Kingdom Haidong Gumdo┬« Association during the 2022 European Masters & Instructors Seminar National Leaders Meeting. It is our great honor to work with Master Harry and we congratulate him on this achievement. We are thankful for his dedication, […]

Seminar in France with Master Chul Kyung Lee

It has been a while, but we are back on the mat, and what an exciting occasion!Thank you to European Technical Director Master Chul Kyung Lee for a great seminar.Thank you Master Domine and all the Hyun Mu Organisation Team for this successful event.