Seminar & Dan Test in France 2023

On Saturday, June 10, 2023, Myeong Deok Dojang organized a black belt and 2nd Dan grading in Paris for students of Paris and Lyon. The morning was dedicated to grading, followed by an afternoon seminar led by EUHGA Technical Director Master Chulkyung Lee. Approximately forty participants took part in the event. The atmosphere was filled […]

Spain National Seminar 2023

On May 27th 2023, the Spanish National Seminar was held in Ourense, Spain. More than 60 practitioners attended from around Spain. The seminar was led by President Dong Kyu Lee and included basic movements, individual patterns, prearranged sparring, cutting combinations, paper cutting, and bamboo cutting. Thank you to President Dong Kyu Lee, the organization, and […]

Seminar & Training in France 2023

The weekend of May 20th and 21st 2023, EUHGA Technical Director Master Chulkyung Lee led a seminar in Villemomble, France. Two seminars were held for over 40 practitioners, one open for all and the other for Haidong Gumdo® instructors only. The new students could learn basic sword techniques, and breathing exercises while sharing a friendly […]

Swiss National Seminar 2023

On May 13th 2023, a national Haidong Gumdo® seminar was held in Meggen, Switzerland. Led by EUHGA Technical Director Master Chulkyung Lee the seminar focused intensively on two-fight sparring and bamboo cutting (for black belts). Additionally, color belts could hone their skills in individual forms. Haidong!

1st Finnish Open Championship 2023

On May 6th, 2023, the Finnish Haidong Gumdo® Association held its first-ever Open Championship in Espoo, Finland. Over 50 competitors attended the championship, including participants from Finland, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.The competition featured individual sword forms, paper cutting, prearranged sparring, throw cutting, and bamboo cutting. As well as a demonstration by the Finish […]

Open Polish Seminar 2023

On April 29th and 30th, 2023 EUHGA Technical Director Master Chulkyung Lee led the Polish Open Seminar. Over 30 students ranging from white belts to instructors attended the seminar which featured indoor and outdoor exercises, all with a great atmosphere of hard work and friendship. Thank you to Headmaster Mariusz Bill and the rest of the organization for making […]

Swedish Championship 2023

On the 29th of April 2023, the Swedish Haidong Gumdo® Association successfully hosted its second competition. Members of all ages and degrees, from dojangs across the country, joined for an entire day of competition. One student, Janne Björkenfjäll (Hwang Yong Dojang), was crowned “Vårmästare” (Spring Champion) having achieved the highest combined score out of all […]

Swiss Mountain Camp 2023

The weekend of April 1-2 the Swiss Mountain Camp 2023 was held in Kandersteg. Led by EUHGA Technical Director Master Chulkyung Lee the participants could learn technical tips, athletic performance, in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. Thank you to Master Ferrandino, Master Ambesi and all others who made it possible. Haidong!

Seminar & Championship in France

During the weekend of March 11, 2023 a Haidong Gumdo® seminar and championship was held in Lyon, France. More than 80 practitioners from Lille, Strasbourg, Azergues, and Lyon attended the event. EUHGA Technical Director, Master Chulkyung Lee, gave a technical seminar. It was followed with a competition that featured individual and group sword forms, paper […]