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Children & teenagers

They learn to use their martial arts training to focus their minds to assist in maintaining self-control, good self-discipline and therefore better able to make the right choices.


The syllabus is structured and designed to gradually develop the practitioner’s skills and ability with the sword, one step at a time, from total novice through to black belt.


Haidong Gumdo® can assist with increasing flexibility and strength as well as reducing your risk of stress, depression and dementia. Providing practitioners with an increase in vitality.

Character education and social well-being

Haidong Gumdo® training can help with everyday social interaction by increasing students’ confidence, self-awareness, and respect towards one another.

Family martial art

Thus, Haidong Gumdo® is a true family martial art that can be practiced and enjoyed by members of the entire family and can stimulate the relationships within the family (better value the family, more understanding, etc.).