7th Spanish Championship 2023

Oon November 25th, 2023, the 7th Spanish Championship took place in Barcelona.

After its previous edition back in 2019, this event brought together more than 70 participants, including competitors and referees. The event began with a brief seminar taught by Grand Master Lee Dong Kyu, 7th DAN and president of the Spanish Association of Haidong Gumdo®.

Then the competition began, which included modalities such as bamboo cut, paper cut, candle snuffing, individual patterns, pair patterns, pre-arranged combat, free combat, individual sword dance and group sword dance.

Congratulations to all competitors who, regardless of the result, demonstrated a level of respect and decorum worthy of martial artists practicing Haidong Gumdo®.

Thanks to the organization of the event, Master Andreu Martínez, Master Ricard Torres and Master Jesús Moreno, as well as to the rest of the students who made it possible.

Also thank the delegates present, Master Javier Romero, Master Manuel Soto, Master Park Kyu Han and Master Miguel Angel Fernández. In the same way also to thank the collaboration of the official referees.

Finally, we thank Master Lee Yoo Joung, Technical Director of Spain, for her leadership and Grand Master Lee Dong Kyu for his tireless support for the development of the Haidong Gumdo® in Spain.


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